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hi I am Estefania from Chile great fans of NCIS and Tiva
I love watching show and movies
I love learning other lenguagues. I read alot, , reading egypcian Tarot also I love making Artworks - I love creating and writting ...I am addicted to NCIS of course TIVA fans forever and Cote de Pablo fans forever
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[Is Cote de Pablo] coming back for season 11 of #NCIS??? — @Ains_Bubbles

“Everything is up in the air,” reports de Pablo of ongoing contract negotiations. “All I can say is that I love this show, I love my peers and we’ll see what happens.” Me? I’m not worried. This is the biz, friends!

#QuestionsforCote Did [she] and @M_Weatherly have anything to do with the Berlin #TIVA scenes? — @weatherly_swag

Yes! In fact, de Pablo told me she and co-star Michael Weatherly had many strong feelings about the much-anticipated dance scene that takes place in the April 23 episode. She doesn’t know what ended up in the episode, though, because even she hasn’t seen the final cut! (It was, however, her favorite scene to film from the ep.) Regardless, I promise to share with you that full story after the episode. #sorry #bepatient #donthurtme

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