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hi I am Estefania from Chile great fans of NCIS and Tiva
I love watching show and movies
I love learning other lenguagues. I read alot, , reading egypcian Tarot also I love making Artworks - I love creating and writting ...I am addicted to NCIS of course TIVA fans forever and Cote de Pablo fans forever
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Tiva Scene: 11x02: Script (via


I think the hardest part for the fans is that for many of us, Ziva David has been more than just a character on a television show and much more than just one half of a ship. Eight years is a long time. And for those of us that watch television and really invest ourselves in those shows and these…

Totally agree


Michael (about Cote):”I think she might misunderstand the crisis and start arguing a point. We once had a fake dead guy who looked like he had an erection in his pants. Cote goes, “He is poking a cave.” We’re all like, “What’s poking a cave?” I went, “Pitching a tent?” And she was like, “Yes—that’s it!”


"Cote is a very special friend to me and is someone I’ve gotten to know so incredibly well." - Michael Weatherly (Entertainment Tonight)"


I just feel like one day, out of nowhere, Michael will tweet something like ‘good catch up’ with a photo of him and Cote and I won’t even have to be on my computer because I’ll hear the fandom eruption from wherever I am.


Funny Cote and Michael


man idk what I’m gonna miss more, Ziva and Tony on the show or Cote and Michael in interviews


I ship mote so bad and I’m not even sorry. Just look at them, they are so adorable together


Friendly reminder that Michael was Cote’s first on-screen kiss. If they DO kiss in Season 11, Michael will also be Cote’s last on-screen kiss in the show.


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